Super Friends Social

FRIDAY JULY 21, 4-7:30pm

[Brought to you by Zap Zing Bodyworx, Transformational Healing Arts, and SF Chiropractic]

Eat, drink and be merry, and…

…enter to win one or more of these FABULOUS PRIZES!

·     Branding and Marketing Consulting, one hour (250)

·     Clairvoyant Reading (½ hour) , plus “Meditation for Living” class by download (135)

·     “Soul Awakening” 6-week online class (475)

·     Chiropractic Session (80)

·     Acupuncture Session (85)

·     Bodywork Session (90)

·     Bodywork Tool Basket (includes Copy of Rewired Life by Audrey Michel, “Gan Mao Ling” Herbal Formula for Cold/Flu prevention, massage tools, and more!) (100)

·     GRAND PRIZE RAFFLE: one Acupuncture + one Bodywork + one Chiropractic session!


AMAZING Mini-workshops (stay for one or all):


4:30pm               MEDITATION IN A MOMENT


5:00pm               MARKETING AS MANIFESTING


5:30pm               REWIRING YOUR LIFE


6:00pm               ACUPUNCTURE LIVE DEMO


6:30pm               POSTURE WORKSHOP


7:00pm               UNWINDING THE LOWER BACK


On-going            MOBILE ART DISPLAY

4:30pm              MEDITATION IN A MOMENT


Lauren Skye, Founder of Inner Connection Institute.

Learn five powerful steps to quiet the mind, relax and recharge: Ground, Center, Notice, Release and Replace. Access the realm of energy to change your reality and get a new result. Use the steps to make a bad day good and a good day great!


5pm                   MARKETING AS MANIFESTING


Diane Whiddon, spiritual business coach and branding expert.

 Learn why the 'doing' of your business doesn't matter as much as how you're 'being’.


5:30pm              REWIRING YOUR LIFE


Audrey Michel, author of Rewired Life and spiritual growth coach.

Open your eyes to how you can break patterns by busting through emotional short circuits; learn new tools for releasing limiting beliefs and increasing connection to inner wisdom. Untangle emotional stress and negative patterns. Rewiring your life is about creating a new nervous system, one choice at a time. Moment by moment. With a new nervous system you are able to look at the world with a new set of glasses.


6pm                   ACUPUNCTURE LIVE DEMO


Christine Nguyen, L.Ac., Transformational Healing Arts.

Live demonstration of acupuncture including time for audience questions.


6:30pm              POSTURE WORKSHOP


Dr. Shotaro Fukuda, SF Chiropractic.

Learn what makes 'good posture' and techniques to maintain it.


7pm                   UNWINDING THE LOWER BACK


Christine Angelica, LMT, Zap Zing Bodyworx.

Mobility techniques to do at the office or at home specific to relieving lower back and increasing mobility.


On-going          MOBILE ART DISPLAY


Aim Brubaker, Pop on Over Art Mobile Studio.

Displays of art projects and information on paint and wine parties at your home or community space.

Super Friends Social

July 21, 2017


As a thank you for supporting us over the years, we are hosting a super friends social for you, your family, and friends.