Zap Zing - Whats with that name? (part 2)

“Replenish Your Powers”

In our last episode we discussed our play on yin yang, balance, and the duality of destroying (zapping) and energizing (zinging).  Is zinging a word..? It is now!

Zap and Zing are also a play on the famous pointy-eared, blue spandex wearing superhero. That superhero had such powers, and his battles with villains were so intense, that you can visibly see what was taking place. BAM! POW! WHAP!

We believe that everyone has a super power. Sometimes your powers get drained or damaged in whatever adventure you’re going through. Or perhaps you can’t utilize your powers due to injury or pain. Some people haven’t used their power in years, don’t know how to harness it, or never realized they had any to start with.

Our goal is to help YOU replenish YOUR powers. We meet you where you are physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Through effective bodywork and our unique AIM technique we can reduce pain, relieve injury, and make your body more mobile. For those that like intense, deep trigger point work, we can do that - you just may see a ZAP! appear once or twice in your session. For those who need more energizing, invigorating, or light work we can do that too – these people might come out with more ZING! in their step.

Through one-on-one personal training sessions in our private gym we can help you achieve your goals - whether it be competing in a super crazy endurance race or you just want to make life’s daily tasks easier. Already have a workout routine? We teach mobility and corrective exercises so that you can perform better and with less pain. For those with a unique situation or don’t know where to start but know they need something, talk to us or schedule a session.


Replenish Your Powers at ZapZing Bodyworx!

Until next time, superfriends... stay tuned!