Weekend Escape

Everyone needs a little time away with nature. Mile High Cabin is the perfect place to spend the weekend recharging your powers. Our cabin sleeps 3 couples or 5 singles. Check in is Friday after 4pm, check out is Sunday by 11am.

Massage and yoga sessions can be purchased based on availability - additional charges apply. Call to inquire/schedule.

Price for the weekend is $300 - based on double occupancy. Additional guests are $25. Additional nights can be purchased for $100 per night when available.


Mile High Bodyworks – Westcliffe

Unwind from the stresses of life – reconnect with yourself and nature at the Mile High Cabin.


About the property

The cabin sits on 22 acres in a rural residential setting in unincorporated county land. We are at an elevation of about 8,500’ and the property has an elevation difference of about 100’ from its high to low points. 

The sun in any season is intense and warm! Temps can dip to below 40 degrees even in the summer.

Walking around the property is enjoyable, but the elevation can be a challenge for people used to flat ground surfaces. 

The driveway is long with a slight to moderate grade. It is generally accessible via any 2-wheel drive cars, but during inclement weather (heavy snow or ice) 4-wheel drive can be a necessity. 

The cabin itself sits on a slope, so the front door is above the ground (accessed via deck and approximately 10 stairs) while the back door is at grade with a minor step. 

The property is scattered with a variety of vegetation. Trees include pinyon, juniper, ponderosa, and other various pine trees, as well as small scrub oak trees. Ground cover includes various species of cactus, yucca, grasses, lichen, mosses, and more. We regularly see mule deer, elk, rabbits, hawks, various birds, and our neighbors have spotted mountain lions and bears. 



We are located in Custer County, which is one of the least-populated counties in Colorado (averaging about 6 residents per square mile). The largest town in the County is Westcliffe, which is a nationally recognized Dark Sky Community. Based on these two facts, the night sky at our property has virtually zero light pollution. During a full moon, the night sky is lit up as if the universe forgot to turn lights off. During a new moon, you can barely see your hand in front of your face, leaving the full glory of the Milky Way Galaxy and more stars than you can imagine.


You will be staying in a rustic and cozy, loft-style log cabin. Consider this a traditional old-fashioned mountain cabin with added luxuries of modern-living!

A large deck wraps the cabin on the north and west sides which creates an ideal place to view the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and Pikes Peak, wildlife, and dark skies & starry nights.

Sleeping arrangements are open bunk-style, with two full-sized beds in the loft, and two convertible beds on the first floor in the living room. Based on these arrangements 4 individuals or 4 couples can sleep comfortably. We also have on-hand twin air mattresses which can combine into a queen size, if it better suits a guest’s needs.

The living room on the first floor includes a wood-burning fireplace, two couches (that convert into beds), and a game / crafts collection.

The kitchen is fully-stocked with cooking equipment essentials and contains a stove/oven, refrigerator, microwave, coffee pot, water dispenser, and basic cooking supplies. An ample dining area is adjacent with table and chairs for meals, puzzles, games and entertaining.

Yes - we have indoor plumbing! - and therefore, have a full bathroom complete with shower and hot water. It is important to note the cabin utilizes a septic system and so please only pour liquids into the drain / only flush toilet paper.

A storage area is also located on the first floor to stow away coats or large traveling supplies.

The second floor is a loft with two beds. This loft has a pitched A-shaped roof so take caution when standing! The staircase is ladder-like and steep; for people who may have difficulty navigating these stairs we recommend using the convertible beds in the living room on the first floor.

Heating is provided by baseboard heaters which keeps the cabin at around 60 degrees in the dead of winter. The wood-burning stove provides added warmth and comfort, and we provide a supply of firewood for your stay.

Interacting with guests - We may be staying on the property inside our recreational vehicle behind the shed. (The RV is not readily viewable from the cabin.) This is not always the case and will let you know before you arrive.

Good to know

  • Due to the cabin’s remote location, cell phone service is extremely limited (which is one of many reasons we love the cabin!). Therefore, please make sure you write or download the directions to arrive at the cabin, and let your city contacts know not to worry if it their texts or calls take extra long to reach you!

  • The last ~ 6 miles or so to get to the cabin are unpaved. They are in great condition and any 2-wheel drive vehicle can navigate them, but they occasionally get wash-boarded/bumpy, and during times of inclement weather can be slippery or muddy. Take caution when traveling these roads!