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Have you ever wondered who your massage therapist sees when they need work?

Mile High Bodyworks is the brainchild of Christine Angelica, founder of Zap Zing Bodyworx.

Healing does not happen in a vacuum. Throughout her years of practice as a licensed massage therapist, she has found that the best results are seen in clients who have a community of healers supporting them. Every person’s journey is unique and requires different needs, modalities, expertise. And so, Christine has made it a priority to search out the very best practitioners so that she has a community at the ready to offer her clients. By the way, these are the professionals we look to when we need work, so we know they are good.

Mile High Bodyworks is your go-to source to find help in healing. Click on Affiliates below to start searching our network of practitioners, and click on Locations to find your nearest Mile High Bodyworks shop.